Polymer And Surfactants

The polymer and surfactants are supplied by us to the clients hailing from various industries that help in making of various items and products. The range offered by us include the Fabric Colour Protection Polymer, Fabric Softeners Polymer, Fabric Stain Removal Polymer and many others. The varied liquid based products that we offer will help you in making your fabrics soft also protect their color. The other products we sell include the hard surface cleaner that is used for cleaning the heavy dirt and grease from floors. The products supplied by us can be used for both commercial as well as household purposes. These are high quality liquids that are given by us at a reasonable price and are effective in work they do.
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Fabric Softeners Polymer

Price: 250 INR

Easy to perfume, less base odour Vegetable Origin 10% ISO Propynol pH 3 5 Surfactant for textile for fabric conditioning and textile household and industrial products Fabric conditioner can be prepared with active content from 3 to 20% but above 10% viscosity regulators will be required Cationic Compliant

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Fabric Colour Protection Polymer

Price: 580 INR

Combines color protection & dye transfer inhibition Significant improvement in color maintenance of fabrics Effective dye transfer inhibition during the wash Especially suitable for detergents for colored and fine fabrics, but also for heavy duty detergents Liquid grades for liquid detergents and fabric softeners available

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Booster Polymer

Price: 320 INR

LIQUID DETERGENT & DISHWASH BOOSTER SURFACTANT Easily dosed Good degreasing effect High efficacy Versatile Compatible with cationic and anionic formulations Detergency booster Blooming effect Hard water tolerant Fabric Softening

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Fabric Stain Removal Polymer

Price: 645 INR

Stain Removal Polymer Compatible with cationic formulations Hard water tolerant Controlling of viscosity At least 4x more effective than common solvents Excellent cost/performance ratio Soil dispersion Improved stability of formulations Pleasant and smooth skin feeling Phosphate Free

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Hard Surface Cleaner

Price: 420 INR

Effortless Soap Scum Removal Fast Water Drainage Anti-Streaking, Lime Scale Prevention Effortless Kitchen Soil Removal Effortless Lime Scale Removal Anti-Fogging, Dirt Repellency It significantly reduces streaks on surfaces through homogenous distribution of the cleaner ingredients


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