Terpene Chemicals
The paint raw material supplied by us includes many different materials that are necessary for producing high quality paints to be used in various industries by our clients. These raw materials are of high quality and absolutely safe.
White Phenyl Raw Material
The white phenyl raw material offered by us are best for making phenyl that will give effective cleaning and an aromatic long lasting fragrance to your floor that is better than any other typical phenyl smell.
Green Phenyle Raw Material
The green phenyl raw materials are produced by us for effective production of phenyl which is used in various places for making it clean and germ free for long time and given at a nominal price.
Polymer and Surfactants
The polymers and surfactants supplied by us include the varied products that can be used for several purposes. Each product in the range can act in so many ways. 
Essential Oils
The essentials oils are natural oils that are offered by us in different variants for multipurpose use like natural scents, medicinal uses and others. These are very effective oils that are known for their purity and fragrances.

Turpentine Oil
The turpentine oil is a multipurpose oil that is used in various industries including medical and paint. The oil is offered by us in various types and variants that are supplied according to the need of the clients.
Agarbatti/Dhoop Raw Material
We have different raw materials that can be used for making agarbattis and dhoop in various fragrances for household and commercial purposes. The end products of agarbattis/dhoop raw materials will keep the environment of your houses and offices absolutely pure and aromatic.
Perfumery Chemicals
Offered by us here are the various kinds of perfumery chemicals that will help you in creating the best quality perfumes that can be used in different ways and will have a long lasting aroma.
Pharma Raw Materials
The Pharma raw materials offered will help in making various medicinal drugs for medical industry as we have a number of raw materials that are the basis for creating any medicine or drug.
Cleaner Raw Materials
The cleaner raw materials are made by us and supplied for making the cleaners which are suitable to be used in commercial and house hold purposes which will give effective cleaning.

Oil Base Fragrances
We manufacture and supply the best oil base fragrances, made from natural oils and can be used for creating many things in various industries. These are provided by us in various flavors and specifications.

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